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Born in New Orleans and raised by jazz musicians, Kat Nesbit was well versed in the arts of fine living; food, debauchery and live entertainment, at an early age. Naturally, while still in high school, she began her career in hospitality gladly slaving for (under the guise of apprenticeships) European & locally trained chefs. Five years later, having acquired a degree in accounting, her mother supremely grateful, Kat was back in the kitchen, mom's hopes dashed.

That was a little while ago. Today she balances her time between TasteBuds In-Home Catering, an intimate dining experience catering company, Kat Nesbit & TEAMS, a group coaching and training company focusing on team engagement and hospitality, and MyYummyApp, a new socially engaging software that helps customers support the restaurants they love and get paid to do it!

...The real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about.

a partial quote borrowed from Thomas Keller of French Laundry fame
Devin grew up on a farm in Nebraska and learned the value of hard and efficient work from a young age. His first job, at 15, was a sandwich shop to pay for gas for his car; dad had a padlock on the farm gas! After high school, he continued working in restaurants, thriving on the adrenaline, comradery, and degeneracy in the kitchen. He then began to travel - the Virgin Islands, Atlanta, San Diego, Denver, Omaha, and Lincoln - dipping his toes in cuisine from around the world.

In Lincoln, Devin stepped up and took a job as Chef de Cuisine at an exclusive, farm to table, fine dining restaurant. He was very lucky to work for 2 incredible chefs who taught him what being a Chef really meant - using the best available ingredients and techniques to make people happy with food. From there he went to upper management at a world famous golf club in the Nebraska Sandhills, then to Halyards as the Executive Chef on here on SSI. With over 2 decades of experience, you can trust that Devin will bring only the finest cuisine with global inspiration to your table.