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Some Events We’ve Catered in the Past

Too often we forget to take pictures but we’ve gathered some!

Osso Buco with Citrus Gremolata
Crabmeat Sardou, Galatoire's Style

Some Menu Ideas We Have for Summer

Redfish Courtbouillon
Chicken Pontalba
Crabmeat Sardou, Galatoire's Style

Our Featured Services


Choose from seasonal and chef inspired menus. We deliver breakfast, supper, and simple buffets.

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Private Parties

Let’s co-create your next themed event. Think The Oscars, Mardi Gras, or green just because.

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Intimate Dining

Have our chef come into your home and prepare a co-created 3 to 7 course meal.

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Our food style leans heavily towards French Creole as the chef is from New Orleans and trained classically. In addition, she has also trained in Italian and Lebanese and she’s something of health nut so don’t feel you have to be tied to her roots to enjoy her food. And, know that if you have any dietary concerns, she can most likely accommodate them with ease. Our meals are about 80% organic on average unless you request otherwise. Our eggs are antibiotic and hormone free, our dairy organic except for the butter, it’s Irish. If your meal has chicken it is also antibiotic and hormone free, organically fed, and no water added. Ground beef ~ grass fed and antibiotic and hormone free.

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