The Best Waffle Ever with Killer Caramel and Apples

Okay so if you're like me you're going to watch this video and start cracking up laughing that Kevin says he likes to just whip this out and it's Everyday Food. I'm here to tell you there's a lot of moving parts to this recipe and it's a Sunday morning dish when you've got time and you're filled with love for your family.

That said, it is well worth doing! His waffle recipe it's absolutely delicious. Those egg whites make the waffles so fluffy and yet crispy crunchy on the outside. Who doesn't love caramel sauce? And he shows just how easy it is to make in this video. Really, making your own caramel is quite easy. The biggest trick is to never leave the stove.

He doesn't mention what type of apples he's using in this video I would like to mention that he is using a Honey Crisp and they are by far one of my favorite apples on the face of the Earth. An organic one will blow your mind. If you can't find a Honey Crisp I suggest a Granny Smith, they sweeten up so nicely when cooked.

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